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Apprentice Gel Kit

Quantity on Hand: 100


Quick Overview

Apollo's Gel Apprentice Kit is used by students and educators in lighting programs, as well as by theater and architectural consultants. Simplify the color selection process. Save time and money.

Qty of 3 sheets per color,

all sheets are 20" x 24"


AP-GEL-1650 Apollo Gel-Light Textured Diffusion AP-GEL-8350 Apollo Gel-Bludgeon Red
AP-GEL-5400 Apollo Gel -Rock'n Roll Green AP-GEL-8250 Apollo Gel-Vixen Red
AP-GEL-5500 Apollo Gel-Neptune Blue Green AP-GEL-8500 Apollo Gel-Tease Pink
AP-GEL-4500 Apollo Gel-Ozone Blue AP-GEL-7700 Apollo Gel-Peach Amber
AP-GEL-4650 Apollo Gel-Crisp Blue AP-GEL-7900 Apollo Gel-Kiss Me Tint
AP-GEL-4150 Apollo Gel-New York Blue AP-GEL-7050 Apollo Gel-Fatherless Amber
AP-GEL-4300 Apollo Gel-London Blue AP-GEL-2240 Apollo Gel-Apollo Straw 1/4 CTS
AP-GEL-4400 Apollo Gel-After Hours Blue AP-GEL-7750 Apollo Gel-Sailor's Delight Orange
AP-GEL-3400 Apollo Gel-Luscious Lilac AP-GEL-7350 Apollo Gel-Fools Gold Amber
AP-GEL-3200 Apollo Gel-Submissive Lavender AP-GEL-7400 Apollo Gel-Apollo Gold
AP-GEL-3250 Apollo Gel-Dominant Lavender AP-GEL-6150 Apollo Gel-Yellow Snow
AP-GEL-3800 Apollo Gel-Cowboys & Indigo AP-GEL-5800 Apollo Gel-Envy Green
AP-GEL-8750 Apollo Gel-Hot Pink

All Apollo Gel Kit sheets measure 20" x 24"inches.

Additional Information

Name Apprentice Gel Kit
Condition New

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